Vacuum Toilet System

One very distinct advantage in addition to the many benefits of adopting the Vacuum Toilet System, imported from Europe specifically for use in a mobile restroom facility, is the overall saving of water; while Vacuum toilets provide the same level of comfort as traditional flush toilets, the vacuum system ensures the flush water is vastly minimised with the overall water consumption being 90% less than that of standard flushing toilets. Correspondingly, the waste volume is also vastly reduced.

Other distinct advantages of the Vacuum toilet system include the elimination of chemicals, the automatic deodorising of each toilet and urinal upon flushing and its extreme efficiency; the toilet system is very capable of high-volume traffic and has the flushing capacity of 700 (flushes) per hour.

The Vacuum Toilet system is:

  • Environmentally friendly; Chemical Free
  • Improves Sewerage Treatment Processes
  • Robust and Reliable: the use of high-quality materials ensuring a long life
  • Produces Vacuum Using Less Energy
  • Low Maintenance
  • Space Saving
  • Optimum Performance
  • Proven Technology; the vacuum toilet system is used worldwide in both marine and air applications; from Navy vessels and Super yachts to Aircraft carriers