Q. How many toilets does Deluxe Restrooms provide?
A. Deluxe Restrooms is comprised of 6 ladies and 2 men's porcelain toilets and 6 urinals. The extreme efficiency of the vacuum system ensures the flushing capacity of each toilet and urinal = 700 flushes per hour.

Q: Can Deluxe Restrooms cope with large numbers of people (large crowds)?
A. YES. Deluxe Restrooms is very capable of servicing high volumes of traffic (large crowds). The vacuum toilet system is robust, super efficient and extremely reliable.

Q. What sets Deluxe Restrooms apart from other mobile toilet trailers?
A. Incorporating the state-of-the-art Vacuum Toilet system imported from Europe (porcelain seated toilets and urinals) is primarily what gives Deluxe Restrooms a distinct point of difference; the water consumption being a staggering 90% less water than that of standard flushing toilets and the guarantee to completely deodorise each toilet (and urinal) upon flushing.

The very robust, efficient and reliable vacuum toilet system, together with the many features Deluxe Restrooms has to offer ensures it is the only mobile restroom facility of this exceptional quality and standard available in Australasia.

Q. What hand washing facilities do you have?
A. Each hand basin is fitted with an electronically controlled sensor tap that provides warm water for hand washing.

Q: Does Deluxe Restrooms have exterior lighting?
A. YES. Deluxe Restrooms has excellent quality exterior lighting and for your comfort and safety, the stairs and entranceways to both restrooms are also illuminated.

Q: Are the restrooms heated?
A. YES. For your comfort, both the mens and ladies restrooms are heated as required.

Q. Who attends to the cleaning of the restrooms?
A. Uniformed personnel remain on-site for the duration of your function/event to ensure both restrooms are maintained and consumables are regularly re-stocked.

Q. Does Deluxe Restrooms offer anything "special" for the purpose of a wedding, in addition to the features listed?
A. YES. Deluxe Restrooms provide a 'Wedding package' at your request, which includes Egyptian cotton hand towels and either fresh flowers or a candle. In addition to the wedding package, the ladies restroom is fitted with GHD hair straighteners and both restrooms are equipped with power points.


Q. What happens to all the waste collected at my event?
A. Deluxe Restrooms remove the waste for disposal to an authorised outlet. In the event that your event is more than one day, we arrange for on-site collection if required. The vacuum toilet system reduces the water consumption by 90% and correspondingly the waste volume is also vastly reduced.

Q. How much room does your restroom trailer take up?
A. The Deluxe Restrooms mobile truck and trailer unit is approximately 20m in length. An allowance of no less than 25m x 7m is required to position the truck and prepare the exterior of the restrooms (room to accommodate fold-out stairs with handrails attached, extended awnings over entry to both restrooms and placement of ornamental trees).

Q. What do I need to provide when I hire Deluxe Restrooms?
A. A compacted, flat area to park measuring approximately 25m x 7m. Access to the site must be no less than 3 metres wide and with a height clearance of no less than 4.5 metres. Access to water is preferable but not essential as Deluxe Restrooms can provide its own water supply if necessary; however there is a charge for this. Deluxe Restrooms is fitted with a 3-phase (60-amp) power generator for your convenience. However, there is a fee for the use of this. We are always happy to discuss the chosen site for your event, function or gathering to ensure the best options are available to you.

Q. Do you have to have a licence to operate?
A. No license is required to operate mobile restrooms, however Deluxe Restrooms is a member of WasteMINZ (Waste Management Institute New Zealand), which is a voluntary organisation for waste companies that promotes a certification programme which is intended to raise standards within the industry. The certification council is endorsed by the Ministry for the Environment and many territorial and regional councils throughout New Zealand.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Deluxe Restrooms directly on 0800 90 90 88 or by email: