Taking the Mobile Toilet Industry to a New Level

Research has shown that sub-standard toilet facilities offered for use at an event can adversely affect the event goer’s entire day out. In fact, a very high percentage of event goers actually rate their entire experience at any event on the quality and standard of the toilet facilities offered.

Understanding this and recognising the need for comfort within an impeccably clean and aesthetically appealing environment, the idea of designing and building a high quality mobile restroom facility from scratch was conceived.

Following extensive research into the "Toilet Hire Industry" both locally and overseas, Deluxe Restrooms has been designed to meet the needs of the discerning public who require premium restroom facilities at weddings, corporate/VIP functions and other private gatherings.


To ensure that DELUXE RESTROOMS delivers on its promise of being the most exclusive mobile restroom in Australasia, and provide a standard of service that is supreme, both restrooms are maintained to a high standard and restocked throughout the duration of every event.

~ Our Promise ~

Committed to quality, consistency and delivering outstanding customer service, Deluxe Restrooms will provide you with mobile restroom facilities of the highest standard at all times.